Thursday, July 5, 2012

A moving story: Part 7

How long and drawn-out is this story? Well, it's not over yet ...

But at 4 p.m. today, we sign the lease on the new apartment. Yay!

Then comes the moving-in part, and I'm still not done with the house we're in. So lots of work left to do.

I'm trying to move up the date for taking the cats to the shelter in Des Moines to tomorrow instead of Saturday, so maybe if people can help on Saturday, we can move in then. Otherwise, I'll work on the house Friday morning and take the cats on Saturday and we'll move in next week whenever we can get helpers.

Part of my stuff is in a rented storage space, part is in storage in a commercial building owned by someone at church and there's still stuff at the house.

Also, all this moving stuff has gotten me inspired to make a move with this blog that I have wanted to do for some time.

I'm going to encourage people to go to one of my other blogs: A Wiser Steward. I haven't been actively updating that one, but it's time. This blog started as my personal blog, a place where I can update friends and family, and rant and rave if I want.

A Wiser Steward is about making changes in my life, in different areas. I hope that these changes inspire other people to make changes in their lives, as well. I will start posting over there and start having giveaways over there, as well.

You are all welcome to continue to come to Carol's Random Babble, where I occasionally have witty or amusing things to say. Maybe you read this and think "at least my life isn't that bad." Or maybe you don't actually read this blog, but just follow on Facebook for the giveaways.

Whatever the reason, this blog will continue to be public, but my public focus will shift to A Wiser Steward.

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