Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Does anybody remember the theme music to the show "Rawhide?" I don't remember watching it, but I do remember the music.

The reason for this post title is that my car rolled over to 240,000 miles today. I think it had about 228k when I bought it, and I'm going to need it to run until at least next March, when I get my next tax refund. Here's hoping'.

It was an errand-running day. Mom had called me at work last night to ask me to get her groceries - as it ended up she only wanted a prescription picked up, a salad from Fazoli's and some ice cream.

Both of my girls needed prescriptions picked up (Amanda's is on order and should be in on Monday). We needed to redeem cans for cash (we got almost $18, yay!), stop at the post office and apparently drive all over town a couple of times.

Unplanned: We stopped at The Key on Central to get Cayla a pair of jeans - she's got camp next week; we also stopped at a yard sale/grill out at Beacon of Hope, where I paid $3 for a pork burger with bacon, beans with more bacon, chips and a soda; turned back when I realized I forgot to look for a mini-snake thing for the kitchen sink that isn't draining and also briefly stopped at Racing Unlimited because Cayla has been bugging about her getting a moped. (I'm not in favor - I'd rather she (or more likely I) spend the money on a used car that can be driven in all kinds of weather, all year round. They are currently out of mopeds, so no hurry.

When we finally got home, I played a little Kingdom of Loathing and applied for the blogger opportunity that I'm so not going to get ... but if the people at Kia see this, I really would like to try one out (HINT!).

I tried using the mini-snake thing, but it's not long enough unless we bail more water out of the sink, so I'll try when I get home from work, if Amanda will empty the sinks out for me. And now it's time to go to work, when a nap would be the nicest thing ever. Yawn!

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