Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Oftentimes my train of thought takes some interesting paths. I start at one topic, slide to another and before you know it, I've taken a completely different direction. Kind of like surfing Wikipedia.

Usually, though, these thought paths have some kind of logic. Something I'm doing or something that I'm thinking about has a connection to the next direction, and I can usually follow them back to the original thought.

Today, however, I'm stumped.

I was making macaroni salad. Making pasta of any kind usually makes me think of Kingdom of Loathing, where two of the classes of adventurers are pasta-centric (pastamancer and sauceror). This also led me to think of church, because we have potluck this coming Sunday (which led to me thinking about my talk, about printing out the article it's based on and some printer issues at work).

Then it came out of the blue. The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band. Really? A Disney musical? C'mon brain - where did you pull this out of?

We saw the movie when I was a kid. We even had the album, which we played on our turntable. But I haven't thought of this movie or album in at least 30 years.

Looking over the Wikipedia article, I notice that Lesley Ann Warren was in the movie. She also is in "In Plain Sight," a series on USA network. It's just possible that a brief thought about the IPS episode I watched last night led to my brain digging deep enough to retrieve this memory, but it's still bizarre. I didn't even see her in that episode, but that's all the connection I can come up with right now.

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