Monday, June 7, 2010

Last day of school

Cayla made the bus this morning ...

I'm sure she would rather not have gone, but I didn't suggest it and wouldn't have allowed it. I told her to take her camera, but I don't think she did.

She's just glad her days at good ol' PMS are done (yep, Phillips Middle School). She doesn't want any reminders of her two years there. I said that in the unlikely event she returns to this area to raise her children (she's so anxious to get out of this town I think she would vow never to return) that they would not go to this school (the district is building a new middle school).

That degenerated into a discussion of the whole green project the district insisted that the middle-school kids participate in, wasting their time (in Cayla's opinion) and for nothing, because only one suggestion was considered. Cayla said that the teachers were told to make time for this project - having the kids help design the new middle school with "green" aspects in the building - but still manage to get their regular lessons done.

What I learned out of that project was that I don't talk to Cayla often enough, as I didn't hear about it until it was nearly over.

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