Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I called in sick today

I generally feel like crap: nauseated, achy, getting a headache. I barely made it through classes today, and only long enough to finish the part of a test that has to be done in class. I brought home the performance part, which is due next Tuesday.

I got 85% on the objective part of the exam, meaning that miracles still do happen.

So, after I called work, I went back to bed, until Mom called to ask me to pick up her prescription at the clinic. I told her I would do it tomorrow, and would have gone back to bed, except she asked me to make sure they are open tomorrow. So, I whipped out the phone book (I actually know where two are - they're in the same place and handy to find!) and called. Yes, they are open.

Anyway, I was going through emails and found one from Lockergnome about a contest. I haven't listened to the video yet - gotta get my MP3 player out to use the headphones, but the gist of it is that Chris Pirillo is one of 50 bloggers who is testing a hardware/software package from HP that they are then giving away. It's the HP Magic Giveaway.

The stuff they are giving away is awesome: an HP touchsmart PC, two notebook computers and an HP mini 1000 series - kind of like a mini-laptop, I guess. A printer, a MediaSmart Connect, it's all so much. I'm already imagining what I would do with it all.

Mom would get the TouchSmart, I think. It's plenty big enough and she could clear off her desktop. That would leave two laptops and the mini 1000 for me and the girls. Or I could give a laptop to my niece Jessica, who could give hers to the girls. Or ... too many possibilities.

Anyway, I'm going to enter as many ways as I can - there's a list of the bloggers at http://www.hp.com/united-states/campaigns/blogger-magic/blogs.html. Eight of the blogs are Spanish- and Portuguese-language blogs.

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