Saturday, November 29, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway update

Entered the HP Magic Giveaway at GearLive:

Their requirements are a little more detailed: You have to have a GearLive account and post a link on Twitter. Then you post a comment on the GearLive page with a link to the Twitter post. You can earn bonus entries by posting in four other places: Facebook,, FriendFeed and your blog. I don't have a FriendFeed account - yet - but it might be worth it for this. ;-)

I can't figure out how to do Shared Link on Facebook, and I'm wondering how they can view my profile anyway - I don't want it completely open, just my friends and networks. I'll work on that later.

I also entered at Windows Connected. They want an email with a 150-word-or-less explanation on how the prize package would be used.

I also used TinyURL to make a good URL for Twitter:

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