Tuesday, November 4, 2008

keyboard back to normal

Amanda's kitten, Chicken, walked on my keyboard and hit something and the keyboard was all messed up. I think it was scroll lock. Anyway, the keyboard is back to normal.

I can't say my life is.

The girls and I are living in a two-bedroom house outside Fort Dodge. Kent is in his own apartment, but it's nearby. He's got his key to my place and I have a key to his, but that's in a neighborly way, not for, ummm, anything else.

Anyway ...

So, I'm taking classes and working full time and life is crazy. Donna asked Mom to move in with her but recent events have made that impossible. I'll be taking on three of Donna's cats - in addition to our four and our landlady's cat that comes in and goes out as he pleases. I always said I wouldn't be the crazy cat lady but apparently I was wrong.

Today is Election Day, which translates into pandemonium at work, so I'll be working late tonight. I would take tomorrow off from class, but I've got a test tomorrow - in my first class. Yippee.

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