Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Support your local library

Our normal routine is morning news until 7 a.m., then I turn to HGTV for "Simply Quilts" and "Carol Duvall" show. Then it's Discovery for two episodes of "How It's Made," which is when I fall asleep for my morning nap. When I wake up, Kent has changed the channel - but it's never the same thing. It could be a judge show, extreme videos on SpikeTV or "Walker, Texas Ranger."

At noon, it's the ABC soaps. I get to watch "All My Children," but have to get ready for work during "One Life to Live."

When I get home, it could be something on NatGeo, History or A&E (if "CSI: Miami" is on). Wednesday nights, we usually watch "Ghost Hunters." Friday nights I try to get home in time for the second viewing of "SG: Atlantis."

But, right now our cable is off, so we're watching DVDs borrowed from the library. Most of our personal collection is kiddie things like "Brother Bear" and "Finding Nemo." So I have borrowed the first and second season of "The Muppet Show," "Serenity," the second "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie and the first season of "Eureka," which we're watching at the moment. Gotta love the library.

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