Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Get paid to click

I just signed up for bux.to. I got the link from a Lockergnome e-mail and signed up through that. The pay amount isn't a lot: one cent if you have a free account. But, people you refer add to your amount, too. I think they only go one level, so people who are referred by the people you refer don't count for you.

You need to have PayPal, because that's how they pay out. They will pay out once your account reaches at least $10. I've earned 71 cents so far.

I have signed up for a couple of things in the past. AllAdvantage didn't last long. I did get some money from them, but they went bust owing me more. MyPoints is a great program, but I haven't checked that e-mail in awhile. I've got more than 200 e-mails waiting for me and most will have expired. Still, I've gotten a lot of gift certificates from them. It's definitely worth it. I can get points for referring friends each month. If you are interested, you can send me an email by clicking on the link at right.

Get paid to click.

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