Saturday, January 12, 2008

So we have one vehicle that won't start and one that won't stop ...

I hadn't been driving my car since Kent returned from Kentucky. The last time it had been driven was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, when a random guy stopped and asked if we were going to sell it. He took it for a test drive and said he would pay $800 for it but didn't have the money that day.

He never came back.

So, I didn't drive the car because it was nearly out of gas and just kept driving the Blazer. Then on Jan. 4, Kent and I had a fight and he insisted that I get a battery so I could drive the car and leave "his" Blazer alone.

Fine. I had to borrow money from Mom for the battery and a few other things. Kent got the car jump-started and I drove it to Wal-Mart to get a new battery. It ran fine after that from Jan. 4 through Jan. 9. Then it wouldn't start.

So I've been driving the Blazer again, or Kent has taken me to work. Today, Cayla had Lollipop Orchestra, so I took her to the library. We went to Hy-Vee after that so I could take money out and get the truck gassed up - it was nearly empty. After gassing the truck, I drove home.

We stopped at the convenience store for sodas. I stayed in the truck listening to a CD I had borrowed from the library. When Cayla got back in the Blazer, I put my foot on the brake pedal and shifted from Park to Drive. Only, my foot went all the way to the floor. Not good.

So, I'm getting a ride to work today and a ride to church tomorrow. But after that, I don't know. We'll have to have the truck towed - that's going to be around $75, I think. Plus the charge for getting the brakes fixed. Great.

And I didn't mention the situation I discovered earlier, before Cayla and I left to go to the library. I got my coat from the back of the sofa - forgot to hang it up last night - and Buster had peed on it. Thanks, kitty. I don't know how I'll repay you for that one.

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