Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Proud parent moments

Fair Oaks students participate in Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl.
The Fair Oaks fifth and sixth grade Talented and Gifted (TAG) students participated in the 2006 Iowa Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl on Nov. 8. Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl is a timed academic competition in which the students answer 100 questions on a variety of subjects including vocabulary, spelling, history, geography, current events, amth and the sciences. The 21 sisth-graders scored 1,223 points, which gave them eighth place among the 80 teams who participated from across the state. The 14 fifth-graders earned first place among fifth grade teams nad 12th place overall with a score of 1,201. The received a team trophy and were awarded a certificate and blue ribbon at a meeting of the school board.

Cayla was the clicker during the competition and her team was No. 1 fifth-grade team in the state.

The teams will compete in the National Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl which will be held in May. They receive a CD and send their results into the organization.

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