Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cayla's birthday

Well, it was a mixed bag. We didn't have any presents for her in the morning. I was too tired to make breakfast, so she ate at school. I worked a few hours and picked her up after school. We went to the bookstore at the mall, stopped at Sun Market and Deli for a soda and chips and then headed off to the Callender Heritage Library, where Curtis Michalek was promoting his book, Aluris: The Book of Annua. We got there after he did a reading, but he had books to sell. So we bought one and he autographed it to Cayla.

We went home. I was planning to cook hamburgers, but we were expecting a UPS delivery and it hadn't come yet, so Kent wanted me to check it online. I checked, but there was no update. Then I heard something outside. Yep, a UPS truck. But he wasn't coming to our house - he was trying to figure out where he was. The truck was down the street, then it passed our place and turned around at the convenience store. He parked it in the neighbor's driveway as I was walking through the yard to try to flag him down. I walked up and told him where we were and he brought the truck around.

He brought the boxes up to the front door and I brought them in. It's our new Dell computer. I signed up with Frontier for a package that for $79.99 per month includes our phone service, some premium services like caller ID and call waiting, unlimited long distance, high-speed Internet and a new Dell computer. It's not the top-of-the-line, but it serves our purposes. I had to pay shipping and handling, and I upgraded the RAM from 256Mb to 512 Mb. The graphics card should be able to handle playing the Sims2, according to the information on their Web site. I haven't tried installing it yet.

Anyway, we ate egg salad sandwiches with eggs I had already boiled, and the girls and I went to church. Cayla had Activity Days and Amanda had Young Women. Cayla's class worked on decorating glass ornaments with paint on the inside.

Afterwards, we went to Mom's and helped her with a computer issue and a lost item. I took the girls to Culver's for shakes and we headed home. I'm watching the final episode of the miniseries "The Lost Room."

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