Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Enrichment night fun and Primary dreams

Enrichment night fun
So, last night was Relief Society Enrichment Night. It was sort of a getting to know you get-together. We paired off (choose a piece of paper from a bowl, each had a letter, we paired by letters) and spent a few minutes talking to our partners. Then we introduced our partners and told about what they told us.

We did a craft of decorating small candles. My group used a piece of ribbon around the base of the candle, with a button to cover the place where the ribbon joins, and a sticker with a word like love, believe, create, pray, etc. The other group used beads to decorate their candles. I didn't get to see what they looked like.

We then got into a circle and selected 18 Cheerios each (I think there were 18 of us there). Each person made a statement about themselves. If that statement could not apply to you, you threw one Cheerio into the middle (yes, on the floor).

Some of the statements were, "I've never eaten sauerkraut," "I've eaten brain tacos," "I studied cosmetology in Italy," "I've shaken the hands of two presidents." On the second time around (after the Cheerios were gone), Gail couldn't think of anything, so she asked Donna, who was next, to say hers. Donna said she broke her arm by falling out of a tree when she was 7. That reminded Gail that when she was about 4, she and one of her sisters (Karen?) were in a tree. Her sister was prodding her with a stick, making her go out farther on the limb. The limb broke and Gail fell, but her panties got caught and she was hanging there until she was rescued. I had to raise my hand and say, "I just have to point out that I was nowhere near Donna when she fell out of the tree!" Much laughter ensued. ;-)

Primary dreams
This morning I took a nap after the girls left for school. I had a sort of disturbing dream. I teach the CTR 7-8 class - these kids come into class at ages 6 and 7 and turn 7 and 8 during the year. So, I was dreaming that I was in Primary and to get the kids to be quiet, I gave them copies of the Friend to look at. Then we went to our classroom. There was all kinds of chaos in the hallway, and there was all kinds of furniture in there that didn't belong, and an older girl (I think it was Angela) was playing a stereo very loudly. I kicked her out of the room, but the kids were all hyper and everything. Then Tad Martin from All My Children was there. Apparently one of the kids in my class was his - Thad (Tad's name in the show is Thaddeus). I didn't know whether to pronounce the Th in Thad or say it as Tad. So, someone came to pick up the boy and I wouldn't let him go without his dad's permission.

So, now I'll be going off to work. I know Amanda has Young Women's tonight, but I'm not sure if Cayla has Activity Days. She'll be going to church either way, and if she doesn't have class, we'll work on piano practice. I started teaching her last week and she picked it up pretty quickly. In just one lesson by a very unqualified teacher, she could play the right hand of a simple song all the way through, and play both hands for the first half of the song. I'm impressed. :-D

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