Thursday, April 14, 2005

Too much fun?

I didn't think I would enjoy watching the gerbils, but I do. They are getting to be a little more expensive that I anticipated, though. We got them the CritterTrail X cage, but since one of them turned out to be a girl, with babies, the person bringing them to me bought another cage. I need to pay her back. Now, we find that the boys (in the CritterTrail X cage) are using the wheel, which is outside and on top of the cage, as their bathroom. So, I'm thinking of getting this container system that is supposed to be helpful in training them to potty in one place. That's going to be interesting. (I need a rolling eyes smiley here).

Now I have to get ready for work, 'cause I gotta. I would like to sleep more, but I must not. And Cayla has parent-teacher conferences today. Kent won't be going because he has an online spades tournament. (more rolling eyes smileys)

1 comment:

Dale said...

OMG, that CritterTrail X cage is bright! Does it glow in the dark?

The gerbils are cute and remind me of a ground squirrel which is living under my back porch. He was standin on my landing and chirp, chirping the other day... I guess calling for mates. Very loud.

May your sleep time remain undisturbed!