Sunday, April 3, 2005


I finally got to meet a bunch of people from Hatrack! Bob Scopatz and Dana Williams got married (seems like today but technically yesterday - April 2, 2005). I was able to attend, through the help of Farmgirl picking me up and ElJay returning me home. I couldn't have done it without you two.

I had a great time. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was wonderful, and the people were terrific.

I got to meet: BannaOJ, Bob_Scopatz, dkw, ElJay, Farmgirl, IvyGirl, Frisco, Fugu, Icarus, Cor, Kat/Lady Jane, Krabby Patty, Posable Nurse, mack, T_Smith, Papa Moose, Mama Squirrel, Mooselet, Superstation, Plaid, Punwit, rivka, Ryuko, Shigosei, Stray, Tom, Christy and Sophie, Val and Xavier, Vana and Lime. I think that's the entire list of Hatrackers attending (plus me, of course - aka CaySedai).

I will attempt to add a picture here:

... Or not. I can't remember how to use the simple program, and my brain is fried right now - I'm sooo tired. So, I'm off to bed. I will try to update (tomorrow/today/whatever) as soon as possible.

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