Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Christmas list

I have been making a Christmas list, just a variety of things I would like to have at some point. The prices of items vary, and to be honest, I'm expecting that whatever my family chooses to give me will be at the lower end of the price range. That's fine with me.

So, here's my list:
  • Sweet Stripes (a tub of these candies is about $5.88 at Walmart)
  • Gel pens (I just won a set of 24 and I'm having fun coloring with them. They are cheaper at Walmart.) Right now I don't need any more coloring books, as I've got enough coloring pages downloaded to last for months.
  • New pots and pans (I like the Pioneer Woman set, preferably turquoise, but red is good, too. $99 at Walmart)
  • A Flip-Pal scanner (around $150, online. Totally not expecting this, but I keep it on my list because someday I will have one.)
  • A gift certificate to Cato (maybe $20-25, enough for one top)
  • A black sweater (mine is getting pretty raggedy)
  • A fleece steering wheel cover (I had one of these awhile ago and it. was. awesome.)
  • A haircut (last time I got my hair cut was in January. It's way past time.)
  • A Brita pitcher (I've got a coupon!)
  • Sims 4 Get Together ($27.99 at Target this week, so I've been informed. This would be a present for Amanda, as well, as she plays on my Origin account because I've got more stuff.)
The cats want a Drinkwell fountain for Christmas. They can't write a letter to Santa, though, so I'm putting it with my list. You should see Olive drinking from the bathroom sink. She loves fresh water.

Christmas will be interesting this year. Cayla works in the morning. I work in the afternoon. But family is coming over and hopefully there will be enchiladas and one new baby. The other new baby is due at the end of the month.

We haven't put out our tiny tree because cats. The tree belonged to my mom, and now it's Cayla's. It's got all of Mom's small ornaments and one normal-sized one that I bought for Cayla last year.

I already know what I'm getting Cayla (and told her, so she knows, as well). I have an idea for Amanda and Kevin. That's about the extent of my giving this year, except I have a gift in mind for someone who is not expecting it (not a relative).

Oh, and by the way, there's a giveaway on another blog. I just entered. Tracy Horner is giving away a set of slightly used Derwent Inktense water color pencils. She started with a set of 24, but liked them so much so upgraded to 72. She's giving away the 24 set. I would like to win, but don't want my family spending money on them.

So, just some random babbling about Christmas. A giveaway on somebody else's blog. New babies coming. There's more going on, but I'll blog about some of it later.

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