Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas, coloring and contentment

So, Christmas.

It was pretty good.

I had to work, but when I came home for supper, there were 10 other people in my apartment, eating enchiladas and watching "Elf."

The enchiladas are a family tradition for special occasions. The last time I had them was when Cayla graduated from high school in May 2014.

The 10 other people were Cayla, my sister Donna, Donna's four kids: Alex, Jessica, Suzanna and Richard, Jessica's husband Eric and their sons Noah and Eli, and Suzanna's boyfriend Chad.

We ate, opened a few presents, had some laughs and I went back to work. When I got home, everybody had left except Cayla, who was in bed because she had to work the next morning.

So, my big Christmas gift.

There was a box, and it was big. I unwrapped it and the box said Pioneer Woman cookware, which was one of the big items on my Christmas list. But Cayla said, "open it," and when I did, I discovered a bunch of newspapers inside, and a banana.

On the back of the Lifestyle section from a couple of weeks ago, there are pictures of Messenger employees who rang bells at Hy-Vee one day. By my picture there was a speech bubble that says "I should probably look in Cayla's room for my real present."

She brought it out - the cookware - in a box I had brought home from Walmart for the cats to play in. Sneaky kid. I approve.


Well, I've been collecting coloring pages for quite some time. I get a few each week from Dover Publications. I get an email and download sample pages from their website. I haven't done a whole lot of coloring yet. I did attend a "Color Your World" session at the library earlier this month, which was fun.

I won a set of gel pens from The Write Dudes and I've been enjoying them. I also joined a Facebook group called Coloring Books for Adults.

And I've been thinking I should share my sources for free coloring pages. So here's the first one, from A Holiday Coloring Book

It's got 92 pages, mostly Christmas. But there's a few snowmen that don't necessarily have to be Christmas, and some New Year's (also Hanukah, which is unusual, but nice).

They even have it set up for bloggers to share.

92 Free Coloring Pages

So, it was a nice Christmas. I got to spend a little time with family. I'm enjoying coloring for relaxation. And I get to share. Contentment.

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