Sunday, May 25, 2014

Graduation and enchiladas

Cayla graduated today.

 First was church. Dad didn't enjoy it much because he couldn't hear very well. We do have the receivers for the microphone system, but they are set up for the Spanish-speaking people and nobody knows how to (or if it's even possible) have different receivers on different channels like Spanish and English. So he spent part of the time in his car. He also has back problems, and  lying down helps that.

At Cayla's graduation, we sat on a bench on the track (like in the background of this photo). He went to his car while the valedictorian was speaking, because he couldn't hear. I couldn't either, but I was bound and determined to video the part where Cayla crossed the stage (and I did).

After commencement was over, Dad took me back to my place. Donna and Jessica arrived right after we did. Cayla went to get Kent, since she couldn't remember how to get to his place before the graduation ceremony and he missed it Suzanna showed up later, with her boyfriend's niece Lexis in tow.

Donna and I made the enchiladas. She dips the tortillas in the sauce, then in the oil. She flips the tortilla over, then takes it out, lets it drain a little and places it on the foil-wrapped cookie sheet. I put the cheese in and fold the tortilla from right and from left. We made about 1 1/2 packages of tortillas. There were four packages of cheese - which was quite a bit. But there's leftovers for Suzanna's boyfriend Chad and Jessica's husband Eric, and even some for my nephew Richard, who should be stopping by in about half an hour.

Dad told some family stories - most that I hadn't heard before, and one that I had, but not all the details. Jessica's baby Noah loved listening to Dad talk. Also, I put the movie "Up" in my laptop and played it for Noah, and during the beginning part, he liked it. He was laughing at young Carl and Ellie when they first met.

 Four generations represented here. Photo by 6-year-old Lexis.

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