Sunday, May 25, 2014

Catching up and moving on

It's a little after midnight. I've got potatoes cooling in the kitchen to go with enchiladas after Cayla's graduation Sunday afternoon.

I've crumbled the queso fresco and cut up an onion. Part of the cheese is still in a block because it hasn't thawed yet. We discovered years ago that the cheese crumbles better if it was frozen first. And the onion might be in bigger chunks than normal because it was nearly midnight when I was cutting it and, quite frankly, at this time of night I don't feel like cooking.

It's been a long day and there's a couple more ahead. Cayla graduates on Sunday and leaves Monday to spend the summer with my dad and stepmom, and she'll be working to save money for college. Also on Monday, I'll have to go into work pretty much as soon as they leave, as I have a big project that's due Tuesday and it's nowhere near done.

Some things that have happened lately

Cayla's last band concert

What was supposed to be her last orchestra concert was canceled because the teacher/director was ill.

Cayla's art on display

A wee visitor

I got to babysit one day while his mom was working 9-5 last week. There were some not-so-Hallmark moments, as well. It's been awhile since I've cared for a baby for such an extended period, and when it was my own kids at this age, we had milk on tap, so to speak. No waiting for the formula bottle to warm up under hot tap water. Also, I don't think we have any good books to read to infants. I should just read anything - at this age, he won't care much what the content is.

Senior class night

She did get an award, something to do with the PSAT/NMSQT, I think. I didn't catch what it was and haven't seen the certificate. It was also her last high school orchestra performance. I wish I had videoed her walking up to get her certificate. From her position in the orchestra, she stepped onto the platform at the right, went up and got her certificate, then came down the other ramp (out of the frame), stepped near the top of the first part of the ramp near the plants, across to where she first stepped on the platform and sat down.

So now, I've got to get some sleep. Church at 10, graduation at 1:30, and family coming over after that for enchiladas. If our wee visitor comes back, we might get a four-generation photo or two. But I'm sending my camera with Cayla, so there probably won't be any pictures from me for awhile.

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