Monday, November 26, 2012

MyMemories version 4 is here

If you are into scrapbooking and haven't gone digital yet, here's an opportunity to try MyMemories digital scrapbooking software. I've been using it for months and really like it.

Now version 4 is here, with a lot of new features. And today, Cyber Monday, you can get a discount!

To get the full version 4 at 50% off, use code CyberV4full ($39.97 value).
To get the upgrade at 50% off, use code CyberV4up ($19.97 value).

I have a My Memories affiliate code. I'm not sure if it works with the discount, but just in case: STMMMS22597. The discount code goes in the box in the middle of the page when you check out.

I'm going to do a giveaway starting tomorrow and only until the end of the month. I don't have it set up yet, but I'll do that tonight after work or tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here's some of my work with MyMemories digital scrapbooking software version 3 (I only just now downloaded version 4 and haven't installed it yet).

A page about a clown band in Fort Dodge, Iowa, in 1934.

A Facebook timeline cover I did for my mom's Facebook page. Her paternal grandparents, Mom and her sister Diane, and her parents.

A speed scrap I did back in March. Every Sunday, the My Memories Facebook page does a speed scrap (and some other times, as well). They give directions like "Pick three background papers," "Use two photos and mat them," "Use three embellishments on each photo" and so on. People follow the directions and afterwards a few people post their work. It's interesting to see how different the layouts are from the same few steps. (Usually about six, I think.)

So, if you are in the market for digital scrapbooking software, you can get a discount today. I'll have a giveaway of the full MyMemories version 4 tomorrow, and more examples each day.

UPDATE!!! The Cyber Monday price is extended to Nov. 28. Full version code is v4efCyber. Upgrade version code is v4eCyber. The codes are case-sensitive.

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