Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prioritizing - again

Things are still rather unsettled since our recent move and Mom breaking her leg. She's going to stay at the nursing home for several months at least, so Donna and I (and any of our offspring willing to help or at least coerce-able) have to pack up her apartment.

She can't even supervise, as it's not practical for her to come back for any length of time. For example, if she would need to go to the bathroom, we wouldn't be able to help her and make sure that she doesn't put any weight on the broken leg.

So we are flying blind, so to speak.

Donna and I met with Mom on Sunday and made a list of certain items and categories of items and sort of decided what to do with them. Donna wants a specific bookcase. I think Mom should be able to have a different bookcase, so she can have her books (as many as will fit) with her. Mom also has a dresser and some smaller chests/end tables/what-have-you, and other pieces of furniture.

She has many, many cookbooks and other books.

She has a massive three-piece corner entertainment center that nobody wants.

All of her things have to be sorted, as there are things she wants and things we need to find (her patriarchal blessing, her birth certificate), and things we need to distribute to various members of the family.

And it all has to be done by the end of the month.

I don't even want to start.

But I'm trying to arrange a couple of days off this month to give me more time. I've got a storage space that we can put things in for the time being, although I don't want to keep paying that fee. I promised to take on paying Mom's life insurance, which is nearly $70 a month and I wasn't expecting to have that when we moved to a more expensive place. (Rent is more expensive, but I don't pay water/trash/sewer and since I'm not driving as much, I don't have to fill the car up as often.)

So, here we are. A massive project that nobody wants to do, but it must be done in a timely manner. And I have to keep up with all my other obligations as well (keeping apartment clean, earning a living, attending church and fulfilling callings, my blogs - which I've been neglecting since we moved, making sure my daughters get to school and have food and so on).

So I'm going to work on a schedule - get it down to days and approximate hours when I can be at Mom's. I wrote checks for the rent and cable, so we'll have the TV on when we are there, for company/noise. I find it creepy and lonesome to work without some background noise at least.

I always feel behind and inadequate, but the latest crises have made me feel even moreso.

It's got to get better.

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