Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A very long day

With about four hours of sleep, I wasn't prepared for the various weirdness of the day. Cayla delayed getting up, to the point that she was extremely late for school. As it turned out, that didn't matter, as she started feeling sick again (she was sick yesterday) and so I told her to have her dad drive her home.

I was at the hospital with Amanda, who was having an upper GI endoscopy done. She had missed a lot of school because of "stomach aches" when she was still going to school, and when she was ill a couple of weeks ago the doctor remembered this and decided she should be thoroughly checked out. Last week it was an abdominal ultrasound, this week an upper GI encoscopy. And the illness a couple of weeks ago was vomiting on a nearly daily basis for about a week, then nothing since then.

The weird part is that it's April 19. And it was snowing this morning. Big, heavy, clumps of snow coming down. Accompanied by thunder. Kent actually consented to driving below the speed limit - at a safe driving speed. I had him drop Amanda and me off at the hospital so he could take Cayla to school and Amanda wouldn't be late for her appointment, but of course, it didn't matter, since Cayla thought she was going to be sick again.

After Amanda came back from her procedure and was awake enough to eat and drink and walk, Kent came to get us. We drove through Hardee's for something for her lunch, since she wasn't allowed to eat or drink from 10 p.m. yesterday until after the procedure. I went into Walmart for a few things, we stopped at Mom's to pick up her phone bill payment and dropped it off at the phone company. Then through McDonald's for a smoothie for Cayla and home.

So, I'm beat. I've had lunch and now it's my naptime, about 7 hours late. I usually take a couple of hours after Cayla goes to school. I will admit that I dozed off at the hospital while they were working on Amanda. But dozing sitting up in a stiff chair isn't very restful. So I'm off to get a couple of hours of sleep. Naps are good.

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