Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School stuff

School starts next Tuesday for the girls. Amanda will be going to the alternative high school, Cayla to regular high school. Cayla had mentioned in the past that she might like to join band as well as orchestra. Apparently she wants to learn oboe. She said she's willing to wait until I have the viola paid off. ;-) How kind. How about settling on one instrument and not keep adding more? So far we're up to a violin and viola ... and she still won't take piano, which I wish she would. It would give her a lot of opportunities in church.

Anyway, the girls start school, but I won't be going. There was some sort of kerfluffle with my financial aid and the school won't let me have any until I pay for (and pass) some classes with my own money. The problem with that is I can't spare any for college, so it looks like I'm going to have to completely drop that aspiration. Thanks, financial aid appeals committee, for making my dreams go away. Sigh.

Tomorrow is an orientation for 9th-graders and their parents, for Cayla, Should be interesting.

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