Saturday, September 29, 2007

About the car situation

We've had only one vehicle since about the end of May or sometime in June. He picked it out and paid for it, and also put in a stereo that cost $466 (the truck cost $425). The stereo purchase was after he assured me many times that he would buy me a car with his last "bonus" check from Social Security. This is the check that they send in installments every six months to cover the time between his application for disability and the time they started sending monthly checks.

This is the time period when I was paying ALL the bills with no money coming in from him whatsoever.

But the checks that cover that time period are "his" money. So he can spend it however he wants.

His part of the bills since he started getting disability was mainly the rent. He paid it in May, not for June or July, paid it in August and not for September. He'll get a check this coming week, but he's not putting anything toward household bills because he needs the money for his trip.

I offered to buy him a Greyhound ticket if he would leave the truck, but he doesn't want to take his computer on Greyhound and "I need to get around when I'm down there" (in Kentucky).

Well, I need to get around up here in Iowa.

I live about 8 miles from work. (more or less, I'd have to check the exact mileage)

He's also got some grand plans for when he gets down there, thinking he'll be able to save up for a house (not sure if he means to buy or rent) and he'll be able to buy a brand-new pickup with money from a lawsuit he plans to file against the government. More on that later. Maybe.

Anyway, I'm not sorry to see him go, but the girls will miss him, I think. Unless he completely alienates them by continuing in the way he is going. But, I'm most worried about being able to get to work and so on.

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