Sunday, January 28, 2007

A change of perspective

So, it's Sunday evening and I'm sort of watching America's Funniest Home Videos. This show has the ability to get me laughing until I cry. But not tonight.

They showed a montage of people falling. They cut to the audience laughing. I'm not even cracking a smile.

You see, Mom fell today, on the sidewalk outside her apartment. She was about six feet or so away from her door. I was waiting in the car for her and Cayla, looking at the Sunday paper. I glanced up and there Mom was, on her knees.

I ran out of the car, leaving it running, and ran to her. Cayla and I couldn't get her up on her feet. A man who was there to visit someone else in the apartment complex came over to help. We still couldn't get her up. I called 911 while Cayla brought out a folding chair and the stranger and Cayla got her into the chair while I was on the phone.

The EMTs came, then the ambulance from Trinity. They checked her out, then took her to the hospital because we wanted a more thorough exam (including X-rays, since Mom has had two knee replacements). Cayla changed into jeans (she had spent the night) and we went to church, so I could drop off my lesson manual and stuff for Sharing Time. Then, we drove through McDonald's for Egg McMuffins and went to the hospital.

We stayed there for a couple of hours, until Mom could leave. The doctor said the X-rays didn't show anything wrong, but they will have a radiologist check them, as well. I took Mom home and Cayla stayed with her. Kent is on his way to pick her up.

I took a nap this afternoon, but I'm still exhausted. It's been too much excitement. I could probably go to sleep now (7 p.m.) and sleep til morning, if I didn't have stuff to do for tomorrow.

But, you can see why watching people fall wouldn't be funny for me tonight. It's too close to home.

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