Sunday, January 15, 2006

Excitement and blah

Cayla and I went to "Arti-Gras" at the old Carnegie Library building Saturday afternoon. Cayla colored a mask on the back of a paper plate and got her face painted. I knitted and took pictures of Cayla. She danced with a Mardi Gras boa and balloons while a man played the keyboard.We both had a good time.

The knitting thing goes back to Friday evening. She was supposed to go on a sleepover, which was cancelled. To ease her disappointment, I suggested that she spend the evening at Grandma's, and I would get her something for knitting, since she's been wanting (desperately) to learn. We looked at a kit on clearance at Target, but decided to try Hancock Fabrics.

One of the salespeople at Hancock Fabrics helped us - a lot. She made suggestions about what size needles to get, and even showed us how to get started. I decided to get my own set of needles and yarn, and got started Saturday morning. Before I took Cayla to Arti-Gras, we went to Hobby Lobby and looked at yarns. I finally decided to get this funky yarn from Yarn Bee called Frosted Gold. It's soooo soft and silky. I decided to make a scarf for someone who has been very nice to our family.

I thought the yarn might be hard to work with, but so far it's not too bad. I'm only doing this scarf 10 stitches wide, and I'm counting after every row. The great thing is that this yarn is very forgiving and doesn't make errors very obvious. In fact, I think it hides them very well.

My computer wasn't reading the camera card, so I couldn't post the pictures when I wanted. (that's the blah)

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