Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I got a new calling

I've been the Gospel Doctrine teacher in our ward since last October. I was called, but didn't get sustained for a couple of weeks (General Conference was the Sunday following my talk with the Bishop).

So, I was recently called to be a Primary teacher and 3 weeks later I'm sustained. The Bishop was gone for a couple of weeks. And, it very nearly didn't happen last Sunday - my bit of ward business was at the end of sacrament meeting. ;-) I'm to be sustained next Sunday, but I'll be teaching my new class then.

My 12-year-old daughter is in my class. I haven't taught Primary in more than 20 years (long period of mostly inactivity in that time period).

I've got a lovely Primary manual in a binder with the pictures in page protectors. The manual looks untouched. That's going to change. I leave my mark on manuals with pen and highlighter. You should see what I turned in to the Sunday School president. I apologized to the new Gospel Doctrine teacher, but honestly, I need to mark things (like marking all the scripture references in one color and anything that needs to be written on the board in another color).

It will be nice to be in a small classroom and be able to sit while teaching - our Gospel Doctrine class meets in the chapel and everyone sits all over the place. After making the suggestion several times over the past months that people can move up, they finally did this last Sunday. We started the class with 4 people (others trickled in later).

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