Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lemme see ...

Okay, Kent is in Reno, visiting friends of his from the Internet. They paid his way, because we can't afford it. He returns Monday.

I took the girls to Dolliver Monday. When we were leaving, I stubbed the middle toes of my right foot on cement, making the middle toe bleed. It's still sore. When I got home, I checked Ogame and found that someone had attacked my main planet and smashed my fleet. I messaged him and complained. He apologized. I'm not sure I trust him, but my alliance is alerted and if there's a next time, he will be getting more than complaints. Really. I also built a new colony as a place to build a shipyard and I'm building it up.

I've got to go in to work and get a refresher course in laying out Farm News because Randy is gone next week, and Bob will be gone on Wednesday, when FN is being finished. The really joyful part of this is that the paper's size changes on Aug. 1, so not only will I be laying out a publication I haven't touched in more than a year, page sizes (and therefore column sizes) will change. The page I'm most concerned about is the market page, because Randy uses the same page and just changes some information on it. That will have to be redone before next week.

My car wouldn't start yesterday, so I had to use Kent's car. I was driving mine because it had more gas, since I drove Kent's car all last week. I'm just driving his today, but I'll try to start mine. Mom gave me $4.25, and I borrowed $1 so I could put $5.25 on my Wal-Mart gift card. Then I discovered it had $2.10 on it already. I could have had a Dr Pepper some time this week! It's been days ...

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