Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Happy Fourth of July

It was a mostly lazy day. Donna, Mom, Jessica and Suzanna were coming over around 8 for supper. We provided most of the food, so Donna cooked the meat. Suzanna brought a friend, but there was plenty of food for everyone. Donna even took home some steak for Alex.

Cayla played with a homemade hula hoop made of some kind of plumbing piping held together with duct tape. I'm planning to get her a hoop at the dollar store. Her homemade one kept coming apart. ;-) I made potato salad in the middle of the day and was very good at keeping out of it until it was time to eat with everybody. I love potato salad - I'm even having it for breakfast!

The parade seemed shorter than last year, and I suffered a major disappointment when for the first time since I moved to this town, State Sen. Daryl Beall didn't come over to say "hi" to me. I've known Daryl for about 4 years, since I started working at The Messenger and he worked there at the time. Every year that I've lived in Otho, Daryl has been in the July 4th parade and every year he comes over and greets me. Except this year. I would e-mail him, but I lost his e-mail address in a computer reformat.

The menu for supper was as follows:
Chuck steak for the adults
Hot dogs
Potato salad
Baked beans from Ja-Mars
Coleslaw from KFC
Cream cheese-salsa dip and Tostitos
Barbecue potato chips
Various sodas
Root beer floats

I think everybody had a pretty good time. The fireworks were loud - they are set off about a block from where I live. Mom watched for a couple of minutes, then went in because of the noise and mosquitos. I stayed outside, taking pictures and getting bitten.

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