Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Wow. I haven't blogged in a month. I kept meaning to, but I've also been thinking of going back to my old system. Sometimes Blogger wasn't updating reliably, and I've been wanting to change the template but I'm not sure how to do it.

Kent is being crabby again. He gets nicer as it approaches my payday, in the belief that I won't give him cigarette money if he's being an ass. He may be right. As soon as he get his money, he's free to bitch again and he takes full advantage of it.

The girls are back in school. YAY!!! I took a 3-hour nap this morning and it wasn't enough sleep. I'd like to take classes at Iowa Central again, but money is an issue. I might try to take one class online if I have enough money after paying bills next week. We'll see. I'd like to take a history class. I have a skimming of history - sort of an overview, but no real in-depth knowledge.

I've got to look into that blog template thing. I'd like to make my own, but don't know where to start. Gotta get motivated and moving.

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