Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I have the night off from work so I can go to a once a month church meeting for women (Enrichment Night). My niece Jessica (17) babysits in the nursery, so I have to pick her up. I drove into town, picked up my mom and then went to my sister's to get Jessica. My other niece, Suzanna (15) was home and not doing anything, so I asked her if she'd like to come along. She said sure. We went out to the car. It wouldn't start.

I tried again. It wouldn't start. I waited awhile. It wouldn't start. I walked to a drive-up convenience store a block away and asked to use their phone (my sister is currently without phone service and DH insists on having the cell phone when he's home so he can make long-distance phone calls). The guy was willing to let me call after all the customers were through, but that place is moderately constant (one car pulls up before the front one leaves or shortly after). I went back and tried the car. It wouldn't start.

I walked a long block to a church member's (Heather) house to see if she or her husband was home. She was, and we tried calling church. Nobody answered the phone. (The one in the hallway is at the far end of building from the chapel and the meeting is in the back portion of the chapel, called the cultural hall.) I called Kent and he offered to come into town and take me to church. I had a slight disagreement about who he would take - he hates my family, so didn't want my mom or nieces in *his* car. He finally agreed to take them to church.

I walked back to the car and tried it again. It wouldn't start. I waited, and Heather showed up. She took my mom and nieces to church. Right after she left - like 30 seconds, DH showed up. When he stopped in front of my car, I turned the key so he could hear the sound it was making (just the starting sound without kicking over). THE DANG CAR STARTED!!!!

Kent said, "I missed a tournament for this!" (He plays spades on Igames. Too bad.) I can't believe the stupid car wouldn't start until he got there. He thinks it was flooded. I'm not sure, because I know it's electronic ignition and dont' pump gas into it when I'm starting it. I don't know what the problem was. I did get to church, about 1/2 hour late, and the car started when I was ready to come home.

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