Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I had some "oh no" moments and some "ah" moments today. The "oh no" was when I found out that Judith Duffy, a kindergarden teacher in Fort Dodge, died. My mom is a Foster Grandparent and she worked in Mrs. Duffy's class for, I think, five years. When I found out, I had to call Mom and tell her, so she wouldn't read it in the paper tomorrow without warning.

The "ah" moment was on the way home from work at 1 a.m. I can drive two ways home - on Highway 169, which is four lanes most of the way, then D-33, a county road, or I could go on county road P-59 and then a road that goes twisty through woods (Riverside Trail or something like that). Anyway, I keep a sharp eye out for deer, and as I was going through the woods, I saw a small animal. Thinking it was a cat, I slowed down and then stopped. It was a raccoon, which was joined by another.. They had to be juvenile, because they were only about the size of a cat. I have seen (as road kill) raccoons the size of medium-size dogs. Anyway, I just sat in my car for a couple of minutes watching them on the road. They weren't afraid of my car until I decided I had to leave and started inching forward. They skedaddled back off the road and I went home.

That was nice.

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