Monday, March 10, 2003

Wow. I didn't realize it had been this long since my last entry. I had some things in mind to say, but didn't get online at the right times and then forgot. Anyway...

I'm taking a class in Advanced Photoshop. The first day of class, Rusty told us we had a project to design a poster and billboard for the D/SAOC cake auction. They wanted the designs ASAP. There were three of us working on this, and they chose my design for the billboard! They chose someone else's design for the poster. "It is an honor to be chosen." I'm excited. I have taken pictures of the billboard, but haven't gotten them developed yet.

Today, I took the girls to the mall after school. I was driving Kent's car because the battery is dead in mine. I wanted to go to the mall to check the price of "The Sims" at EB Games. It's $5 more than Wal-Mart. Cayla said there was an art show from the schools, so we went to check it out. I was looking for something from either girl, and we found that Cayla had two things there! I was amazed. I took pictures. Somehow, though, my flash wasn't working, so we'll have to go back and try it again. We didn't find anything from Amanda, and I think she's somewhat disgruntled. She has had art shown before, though, so I'm not too upset on her behalf.

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