Saturday, March 15, 2003

This week has been spring break week at Iowa Central. I was hoping that with all the extra time, I would get some housework caught up, get caught up with my notes from art class, and even bake some cookies. Guess what? None of that got done. One day I spent 4 hours downloading stuff for the Sims and unzipping some of the items. Well, it turns out that some of the items crash the game when I try to use them. Great.

On the plus side, I fulfilled a little fantasy this week. When I went to work Thursday, I was just working on my usual Thursday stuff - two pages I do for the Sunday Lifestyle section. There was a fire call on the scanner, and there was nobody in the newsroom. I told Bob (editor) that although I hadn't really used these cameras, I had used digital cameras before, so I was willing to at least try to get some pictures. He said okay. So, off I went. I took a lot of pictures - even ran out of memory on a 16 meg card. I deleted some of the early pics and took some more. Jennifer called to say she would be coming with another camera. I saw her, but she didn't see me, and she was at the other end of the block. I was right by the house. We ended up using one of my pictures in Friday's paper.

Thursday night was hectic for me. Amanda had a report due Friday that she should have done in class, but had been messing around wasting time. Mrs. Kingry had sent her report information home on Monday or Tuesday, but she still hadn't done anything. I told Kent she really needed to get more information, so he would have to look up information on flamingoes online and print it out for her. He couldn't use the printer - which is 7 years old and temperamental. You have to hold each page and feed it carefully in. He just didn't have the patience and delicacy of touch for the job. So, I took a long supper break and went to 2 places looking for a new printer. I was nearly ready to spend $130 for a printer at Office Max, but nobody would come over where I was. So, I went to Wal-Mart. I didn't get any help there, either, but it was easier to see why - it looked like there was only one clerk in the Electronics dept., and there were at least 10 customers. So, I looked at what was available and bought a Lexmark for $70. It works pretty well, but I have to make sure the pages are straight when they go in.

All that hassle, and she still didn't get the report done. I asked Mrs. Kingry to let us have the weekend, and she agreed. We are supposed to be working on it right now, but Amanda is outside playing. She wanted to "let breakfast settle." Well, I'm headed back to bed - I woke up too early. She is missing her chance for today. That leaves tomorrow, and I don't know if we'll have time on this computer tomorrow...

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