Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flea market finds

I asked Kent to be my chauffeur today. He does that for me occasionally (at least once a week). This time I bought him lunch at Hy-Vee. They had the salad bar or Chinese buffet for $5 each. I bought some things there, then headed over to Target to get something for Mom. We dropped it off at Mom's, ran over to KFC for her lunch and back again.

A couple more stops, but my plans went awry. I only use one kind of antiperspirant/deodorant from Avon, and the place I usually get it is closed on Saturdays (I forgot). So I talked Kent into taking me to the flea market, where there is usually at least one person selling Avon products.

The Avon booth wasn't where I expected it, but I saw this while I was looking:

I had a tin dollhouse when I was a little girl. I don't know if it was this big, but it had this type of shape where the upstairs was smaller than the downstairs and there was a patio upstairs (if I remember correctly). This dollhouse has furniture! And it's $75, which I'm guessing is a fair price for something of this vintage (1960s) with furniture. I think my dollhouse may have been smaller, like this one:

But maybe mine was like the bigger one. I'm not sure - it's been 40-odd years since I had that. And just for good measure, some Fisher-Price toys:

There's a toy camera. It's not the same as the one my cousin had in this picture, but brings back memories just the same:

I'm the one in the middle, my sister is at left and our cousin at right.

Oh, and one more flea market find, the one I actually brought home:

There was a sign with an original price of $15, marked down to $10. The table wobbled a bit, and the seller thought it would be okay on the floor. It still wobbled. I think we can work with that, and I was just about to say, "I'll look around a bit and come back (really meaning to buy it at $10)" and she said, "How about $5?"

So, I couldn't pass it up. I had to take it then, which made Kent happy, because he didn't want me to look around for even 2 more minutes. So I carried it out - it's not as heavy as they seemed to think - and we put it in the trunk of Kent's car. It's in the garage for now - I want to reorganize the living room a bit. I'm planning to put my printer on it. I think I can put the little 2-drawer thing with the printer paper underneath, and there  is a drawer for miscellaneous stuff.

Total spent at flea market:
$3 for Avon antiperspirant
$1 for cute tin I found
$5 for table

And I think we were there for about 10 minutes - way less than my usual timing.

Not bad.

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