Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Even the sky is crying

It was sprinkling earlier - a foretaste of what would come. Kent is at the laundromat and I was on the computer for only a few minutes when Amanda whispered in my ear "hamster."

I looked over, saw no movement. I got up and stood next to the aquarium. It was true - Hammy is dead. It looks like she got stuck under her wheel and tried to get out of the aquarium. Her face is all scraped.

I told Cayla to come outside with me. I knew if I told her inside, she would look. I'd like to spare her the sight of Hammy's scraped face.

She asked if something was wrong and I nodded. "Hammy," I said, and she began to cry.

We're fixing a box now with pretty flowered fabric. We have lace to tie the box up. I will try to place Hammy in there before Cayla sees ... on her side so her face won't show.

It is the first time one of our pets has died, so it is Cayla's first, closest grief.


Grandma said...

Tell Cayla that I am sorry about her pet.

Anne Bradshaw said...

That is so sad. I remember when our children's pets died (we had many over the years) and it never got any easier. They were always good teaching moments though.

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