Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Same ol' same ol'

Well, I got the $253 car repair paid for, only to turn around and have to replace the brakes. With rotor, pads and caliper, plus labor, it was about $270. Yikes! I've spent more on that car (that my sister gave me!) to keep it running than I would have spent to get the clutch repaired on Kent's car. Which is sitting at the mechanic's, waiting its turn to be fixed. That's going to be about $490, more or less.

On the plus side, I haven't had a flat on the bald tires - yet. I'm hoping they'll hold out another few weeks, because I'm trying to get caught up on other bills, and to be honest, I never checked to see if there is even a spare tire for this thing.

I just had a random thought (don't worry, I'm used to them). When my niece Suzanna was little, she had a favorite doll. The doll got worn out a bit - it had a cloth body and plastic head, arms and legs. Then the cloth part got worn, an arm or leg would fall off and that part of the cloth would have to be sewn up to hold the arm or leg again. The doll became known as Frankenbaby.

My car will now be known at Frankencar - it's only logical. So far, it's had the starter, computer module and rear brakes replaced. It needs new tires. The windshield wipers aren't very securely fastened because the part at the base is stripped. The heater blows cold air. It's definiately a Frankencar.

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Dale Miller said...

Frankencar... that is funny! :)

Carol, you might want to look in the trunk to make sure that the car has a jack - as well as a spare tire. And that the spare tire is inflated... they often lose air if the tire has hasn't been used recently.

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the MRI of my brain came back normal.. personally I think the hospital must have gotten their records mixed up. :P

Bad news (for me) is that I gained back all of the 58 pounds that I lost last year. Yikes! Time for me to head back to the treadmill.

I don't know how you are finding time to exercise with all of your committments but you always *have* been an amazing person. Good for you!