Monday, November 8, 2004

the computer is dead (or not), long live the computer

So, the HP has been running a little noisy lately - just enough to notice. Saturday, Kent was on and the computer had an illegal operation. When he restarted, it just went to the HP screen and wouldn't boot up. I was worried about personal information like genealogy, and photos that are on the hard drive and can't be replaced.

So we went to Rent-A-Center and rented an IBM. It was previously rented. It had problems from the beginning - Norton Antivirus kept popping up and saying it was killing viruses. Well, how did all these viruses get on there when we just got the darn thing? Kent couldn't figure out how he could download and install programs - I figured out how to set him up as a computer administrator. It's our first experience with Windows XP.

So, this morning, Kent woke me up during my nap to tell me he got out computer running. Lovely. I went back to bed. When I got up just before noon, he had taken the IBM back to Rent-A-Center and brought back a new-in-the-box Dell. I'm hoping we only keep it for the two weeks that are paid for, but he's going to be hard to convince. I already love this machine and want one just like it, but I don't want to pay their price.

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