Sunday, February 3, 2013

An engaging conversation

Before I start this, here's some background information:

  • I've been separated from my husband since September 2008 and we have no plan to get back together.
  • I have no plan to marry anyone at this stage. It would be premature to even entertain the notion, as I am still married.
  • I love Doctor Who.
  • I have a friend Veronica who is a bit sad that she is not in a romantic relationship.
  • She also loves Doctor Who.
  • We both live in Iowa, which has legalized gay marriage.
  • We are both LDS, and heterosexual, so there's no chance we would take advantage of gay marriage being legal.
  • The conversation is not verbatim, as it was several hours ago, but I think I have the gist of it.
Conversation in the car today after hearing a radio ad about a jewelry store where they went on and on about their engagement rings (the driver declined to be identified for reasons that baffle me):

(There was an extremely detailed radio commercial for a jewelry store in Des Moines, detailing how they have the largest selection of engagement rings in the state, how couples take about an hour and half to pick an engagement ring, etc.)

Carol: If I ever got married again, I think I know what I would want for an engagement ring. There's at least one TARDIS engagement ring.

Driver: Okay.

Carol: I would want someone who is as geeky as I am. Someone who appreciates the same things I do.

Driver: You should marry Veronica.

Carol: It is legal in this state.

Carol: However, there's a tiny hitch. (meaning the hetero part)

Driver: I know. (also meaning the hetero part)

Carol: She's too young for me. (Gotcha!)

Now, I thought that was quite funny. I guess the driver didn't appreciate it as much, as she didn't want me to mention her name. But it kind of shows the type of conversation I like - where there's a bit of back and forth and goofiness.

Oh, and Veronica? Nothing personal ...

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